Kamis, 23 Juni 2016

north sulawesi volcano lokon and minahasa highlan tour

north sulawesi indonesia.
lokon volcano adventure tour 21 july 2016 guided acouple from fidlandia mrs minna and stinde makinnen.started tour from sinteza peninsula hotel manado .Tou r after diving on living colour diving centre bunaken island. tour aranged  by rev vasko tuadan sth jonjo tour
lokon volcano trop album.www.livingcoloursdiving.com

linow volcano crater lake

tondan volcano caldera lake astomy restaurant

minahasa wooden house ,mucic,furniture

wooden mucic industry {kolintang musik maker} in wailan

traditinal house from wood in woloan village tomohon

wooden furniture industry in leilem

protestan church in leilem

 north sulawesi tour information.
travel indonesia you can use legal lisensed guide.
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lokon volcano and birdwatching trip

lokon and mahawu volcano is also to see endemic sulawesi birds.
but trek tis volcanoes nee un noisy if you like to see birs

birds information.