Minggu, 19 Juli 2015

volcanoes tour and minahasa highland tour 17 july 2015 guides one group from czek public ans swiszerland

acouple from luxembourg underguide by guide jotje lala they photos in this blog.http://guidejotje.blogspot.com
mr sebastian from holalland.http://sulawesivolcanoesguide.blogspot.com

lokon volcano adventure tour 30 july 2015 this is mr alexsander from rusia still able climbed lokon in his age 81 year old.http://sulawesirusiantourist.blogspot.com
lokon volcano and mahawu volcano and mminahasa highland tour 17 july 2015.
guide jotje lala guided mrs lucy and her husband from zek pulick and mrs anja and herhusband from swiszerland.start from leos hotel tomohon

and after iguide group from jakarta and sngapore.http://guidejotje.blogspot.com

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