Jumat, 25 Maret 2016

soputan volcano adventure tour 24 -25 march 2016

photos link.
tour with german family.http://guidenorthsulawesi.blogspot.com

SOPUTAN VOLCANO.http://soputanvolcanoguide.blogspot.com
hiking doputan volcano after eruption 4 january and 7 february 2016 guided group from france guide jotje lala assisted by youth nature lover tunas muda tomohon.camping on the altitude 1600 m from sea level.http://sulawesitrips.blogspot.com
ready to high down and hike up to point of soputan volcano crater active.

guide jotje lala with the group.

guide jotje lala.http://guidejotje.blogspot.com

soputan volcano adventure tour.24-25march 20116.
guide jotje lala guided one group from france mr charly and the group.
stayed and camping and camping fire on soputan volcano.
mongkey on the table of tomohon market

before visited tomohon market.

information tour

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